Chichester Visit 

On Monday 7th August a group of Eridge residents travelled to Chichester.
The weather was perfect, dry and warm. 
Chichester Visit Gardens 
The group enjoyed a private guided tour of the treasures of the Chathedral, both old and new, with a highly informed and amusing guide, Lewis. The art work of Chichester Cathedral is worth a visit in itself, but the magnificent Norman structure sets it off perfectly. 

noli me tangere

A delicous cream tea in the garden of the Cloisters was most welcome after the tour and fortified the group for a tour of the Bishop's Palace Gardens,  Originally planted as an arboretum with some fabulous tree specimins, the gardens have been expanded to include wonderful herbacous borders which were in full bloom.

The highlight of the trip was the choral Evensong. Our party sat in the ancient choirstalls as a visiting choir from the US 
accompanied the service. Our "mother" cathedral of Chichester prays for one parish in the diocese each evening, and it was the turn of Frant with Eridge. The canons at the service were delighted to welcome our group to the service.

A wonderful day, enjoyed by all who could make it. 
evensong 7AUG17epitaph