Break-in in Holy Trinity 

On Thursday 7th June 2018 the churchwardens were shocked to discover that the church has been broken into. 
Smashed glass littered the front pews where an intruder had smashed the lower corner of the new Abergavenny window, ripped back the lead and forced entry. 
Ab window smash 

The entry had been acheived by climbing onto the roof of the boiler-room. The window, put up in memory of the late Marquess of Abergavenny, John Nevill and his wife Patricia had only been installed in the church less than a year before. 

The circle of glass painted with the Abergavenny crest miraculously survived the break-in and was found by one of the church-wardens on the boiler house roof. That is already in the hands of Stony Parsons who made the window and will be in charge of the repairs. 

You can tell that the hole through which the intruder entered is fairly small, and we are wondering if this is a youngster.vestry wind

The glass above the vestry door was similarly broken and the lead twisted back to allow entry to the vestry where several cupboards were forced open. 
We are pleased to report that nothing of value was actually stolen. The thief left an i-pod and a silver chalice and patten which must have been visible, but rejected. It seems clear that they were interested only in cash. 
There is never any  cash left in our church. Not even in our safe, which was secure enough to have been left in tact. 

However, a full set of spare keys were taken from the vestry and the intruder vandalised the donations box in a failed attempt to prize it off the pews and open it. 
donations boc

Holy Trinity Eridge is one of several churches being targeted for break-ins. Our sister church in Frant, St. Alban's suffered a similar attack two weeks ago and St. Thomas's church in Groombridge was also broken into on Wednesday evening. 

Sussex Police visited the church twice on Friday and a forensic team combed the site for clues to assit in identifying the individual who is doing so much damage to our churches. 

The churchwardens have now changed all the locks. The window has been made secure with clear perspex against the elements. 

As it so happened the Archdeacon of Hastings was coming to Eridge on Sunday to celebrate the Eucharist with us. So he was able to inspect the damage in person. 
arch and ladies
We ask you to pray for the individual who is doing this to churches in the area. 
We ask that God will seek out the person's heart and bless them. We pray for help to be found for the individual that will allow a change of direction - to a path that will lead to flourishing for them. We ask God to create for this person a role in society that will see them fulfilled and content. Please pray for this person.