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2019 is a year in which all churches have to construct a new Electoral Roll from scratch. 
So, even if  you are on the existing roll we will shortly write to you asking you to complete the forms again. 

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13th February in Eridge Village Hall

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Click here for Bishop Martin's 2018 Christmas Message Video

Year of Vocation has started

As part pf this initiative by our Bishop, Martin of Chichester,  there will be a course for all Christians called LIVING FAITH. One course will be offered in St. Thomas's church in Groombridge, so you wont have to travel far. 
The leaflet for the course is at the back of the church, or you can follow this link . Living Faith 
A HUGE Thank You
to the Volunteers who
 Polished Brass and Cleared up the Vestry
On a decidedly wet Saturday at the start of December, a cheerful group set to cleaning brass and sorting out the vestry. 
Next time you are in the church - wear your sunglasses!
If you are willing to offer an hour or so to help,

 please contact Lesley on 07768115184


And...... for post Christmas planning..... The next Groombridge Lecture will be on 2nd January in St. Thomas's Church Groombridge at 7.00pm
Rev Dr Andrew Biggs, Chaplain of Corpus Christi college Cambridge 
Neurons, evolution and the human mind, towards a Theology of human consciousness. 

02 01 19 Groombridge Lecture A