Brendan and Claire   Rev. Imtiaz (Curate)Hebrews-1215Tim-Botts
Reverend Brendan Martin is our Rector
Here he is with his wife Clare.
  Imtiaz is our curate. We are really blessed to have him serve in our church. We don't show his picture to protect him in his work.
IMG4004   Eridge-7676
Stephen Barnes(Churchwarden)   Jonathan Lynn (Churchwarden)
Stephen and his family have worshipped in Eridge church for over twenty years. Married to Alison, he is extremely well known as the Asparagus farmer in Birchden.    Jonathan lives next door to the church in Warren House.  Jonathan is interested in church history, especially the history of Holy Trinity Eridge.

Photo for Interview

Ed Pascoe is our Youth Worker in Frant. This is him with his wife Julie and his family. 
They just had another little baby boy in March 2018. Congratulations to the Pascoe family.
He's got his hands full!

The PCC elected on 24th April 2019


Frant with Eridge PCC September 2019


Ex Officio members

Incumbent: The Revd Brendan Martin

Curate: The Revd Imtiaz Trask

Reader: Mr Roy Goodship

Reader: Mrs Lesley Lynn



Mr Crawford Burden (Frant) Vice Chairman

Mrs Jane Emler (Frant)

Mr Stephen Barnes (Eridge)

Mr Jonathan Lynn (Eridge)


Elected Members


Mrs Susan Vincer (2019-2022) Secretary

Mr Jeremy Halmshaw (2019- 2022) Treasurer

Mrs Helen Carpenter (Deputy Church Warden Frant) (2019-2022)

Mr Nick Jones (Deputy Church Warden Frant) (2019-2022)

Mrs Rosemary Froud (2108-2021)

Mr Roy Buchanan (2108-2021)

Mr David Torr (2108-2021)



Mrs Gail Cooper (2018-2021)

Mr Andrew Best (2018-2021)

Mr Christopher Hall (2019-2022)


Deanery Synod

Mrs Anne Pybus (2017-2020(Frant)

Mrs Anne Huggett (2017-2020 (Frant)

Mrs Susanna Hall (2018-2020) (Eridge)


The PCC may have up to 15 elected members of the laity since we have approximately 230 names on the combined electoral Roll. Since we only have 10 so elected we technically still have 5 vacant slots. At any PCC meeting, someone on the electoral roll of either church could be co-opted.

Lesley 1

Lesley Lynn is our Lay Minister, married to Jonathan and with two grown up children. 
Lesley can be contacted on 07768115184 or on 01892 864304 or e-mail

If you need to contact the Church itself please visit the Contact Us page.

The Parochial Church Council of the ecclesiastical Parish of Frant with Eridge is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK number 1162531