Congratulations and a warm welcome to you if you are thinking about being married at Holy Trinity Church.

The Church of England has a dedicated website designed to help you with planning your wedding which you might find helpful: Learn more about your Wedding in Church here

Our church is a perfectly brilliant venue for your wedding. It is a beautiful and friendly space for your family and friends to celebrate a very special day.  It would be our delight to craft a ceremony that is personalised for just for you and you can experience how specially deep in meaning a church marriage can be.  Please get in touch with us and find out how you can be married in church.
We are really good value as a wedding venue and seating about 110-120 people we can offer a church that is a perfect size for most wedding parties. Larger churches can seem empty, we will seem packed with supporters cheering on the happy couple. 

Wedding in September 2019
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 Church in sunlight for weddign

Holy Trinty Eridge, dressed for a Spring Wedding

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A church is so much more than simply a venue for your wedding. Unique and special things become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond:-

  • A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. The ceremony includes God and looks to him for help and guidance. God’s blessing is the main attraction for many couples, whatever their beliefs.
  • You can make amazing vows, or promises, in a church. You can only make vows this big in a church. These vows, made in public, will help you to stay together and grow together. God and your church are there for you to help you keep your vows.
  • Our Rector has a very particular role to play in your wedding. He can blend ancient tradition and modern Pedestal by altarexperience to reflect your story. Because of the relationship with the Rector, your wedding can be made personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful.
  • Our church offers outstanding beauty. A simple but beautiful interior which can comfortably seat 150, without feeling over-full and will be perfect for about 110 guests.
  • Holy Trinity has centuries of history. Imagine all the couples who have married here in the past, some of whom may well be your family. You can feel you’re becoming part of history itself, the bigger plan, by marrying in the same place as your relatives. We know these sorts of connections can make your day even more special.
  • You can be involved in making choices about your ceremony. You can even use our online ceremony planner to get you started.
  • Font wedding flowersFor some people, a church simply seems like the proper place to get married. Churches can be described as ‘peaceful’, ‘serene’, or having an atmosphere that makes marrying there a particularly special experience.
  • And after your wedding, you’ll realise that a church is more than simply a wedding venue
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    We will do our best to make your wedding day memorable for you, your family and your friends. This will be a very exciting time for both of you with many things to think about and plan. However, it is sensible to start with location and date so your first question is likely to be:

    Can we get married at Holy Trinity? 

    The Rector has a legal duty to be satisfied that you can lawfully marry in the parish before any arrangements can be fixed. To make this process as quick and simple as possible, it is best to e-mail Lesley .
    There are three questions about you as a couple that will need to be clarified:

    • Whether you are so closely related to each other that the law does not permit you to marry. You will need to certify that this is not the case.

    • Whether either of you is not a UK National. Special issues arise in this situation and these need to be considered before further progress can be made.

    • Whether either of you is qualified to be married at Holy Trinity. Qualification comes by virtue either of being a resident in the parish; or of being on the church electoral roll; or of having close family links with the parish. However, if you worship with us over a period of about six months prior to your wedding, that counts to create a qualifying connection. So don't be shy!

    Thinking about a venue for the reception?

    Eridge Village Hall is only a few hundred yards away and makes a perfect wedding reception venue. eridge-village-hall-party-sett
  • Eridge Hall