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Eridge Village Hall Winter Warmer 

February 28th 2018

With the snow deep and crisp and even outside and the freezing wind blowing across the fields the Village Hall hosted a lunch for the older folk of  Eridge, and as the schools were shut we had a table full of children. 
The presence of the children was a real bonus as everyone enjoyed having them around and their excitment was infectious.

Delicious Lasagna and salad followed by a selection of fruit crumbles with cream were enjoyed in the wonderful community spirit of Eridge. All the food was donated and baked by the villagers and the event was provided at no cost to those who came. 

The lunch was delicious and the sun shone in through the windows making it a really heart-warming event.
Our thanks to all who worked hard to put it on.  Even the helpers seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Harvest Supper

13th October 2018

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